Child Care Subsidy Calculator

If your family income is less than $20,000 your child care costs may be fully subsidized by the City. If your family income is over $20,000 you will be required to pay a portion of your child care costs.

ChildCare Subsidy is a monthly payment that helps City of Stratford families with the cost of child care. Use the calculator below to determine your financial eligibility for child care subsidy and to see an estimate of your expected family/parental contribution towards child care costs.

Family Income

 If you do not have your Notice of Assessment, please call the Canada Revenue Agency at 1.800.959.8281. Enter Line 236 of your most recent Notice of Assessment (FormT451)

Parent Income : (e.g. $ 25000)

Spouse Income :


For more information, and instructions on how to apply for child care subsidy, please contact City of Stratford Child Care at 519-271-3773 ext.200

Note: Estimates are provided for your convenience only. Child care contributions are based on care being required 5 days/week and will increase when fewer days of child care is required;eligibility may vary depending on number of children requiring care,rates at child care centre and number of days/week required. NO personal information is saved in the Child Care Subsidy Calculator.